Frequently Asked Questions

What does the group wear?

Most often, the men wear black tuxedos and black bow ties, and the women wear either a black suit or long dress.

How much space does the group need to set up?

Our quartet only requires about a 6 foot by 4 foot area.

What kind of chairs do the musicians need?

Armless chairs work the best because they allow the bowing arm to move freely.

What happens if we require the group to stay longer than originally booked?

This depends on whether the musicians are booked for a following engagement. A grace period of 5-10 minutes is allowable. Thereafter, overtime is billed in 15 minute increments.

Do the musicians need lights?

Usually there is adequate lighting. However, the musicians will bring stand lights upon request.

Do the musicians come to the rehearsals?

In most cases this is not necessary. The musicians are very experienced in lenthening or shortening the music according to the speed of the wedding party walking in. However, arrangements can be made for an early rehearsal prior to the wedding, for a nominal fee.

What About Breaks?

The musicians require a 15 minute break in the first two hours and then a 10 minute break every hour. We try to coordinate our breaks with any speeches or natural breaks during the reception.

I have a friend that wants to sing a song at the wedding. Can she sing with your group?

Yes! We have done this many times. We require sheet music of the song and like to meet 30 minutes prior to the wedding to rehearse with the singer.

Do you play outside?

Yes. However, the string instruments can get damaged by direct sunlight or rain. We require some kind of covering (eg. trees, veranda, umbrella, etc.).

Can you play a song that is not on your list?

Yes, as long as we can find the sheet music or if you provide the materials to us. If proper sheet music is not available, we can arrange the song for you for a nominal fee.